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i am in need of carpet replacing in my boat as well. it's seen better days it's original 1993 . i would never consider wood or anything that has a hard cold surface. we boat when it's cold outside and the carpet feels great when walking in socks or barefeet. the added advantage of carpet is it helps insulate the floor of the cabin.【Get Price】

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marine vinyl flooring. or do you mean a vinyl floor covering you would use on a boat. they are very different. the best of all option is textured gel-coat in my opinion but that tends to be difficult to do. the next best option is paint with non-skid added. but you need a smooth paint ready surface for that.【Get Price】

what is the best material for a cabin sole replacement

is generally the best option for a cabin sole replacement and it will mean you won’t have to face another replacement for a very long time. 2. vinyl linoleum. let’s tackle these two together. their performance as interior boat flooring options is very similar. there are vinyl planks made to emulate wood that are available for decking.【Get Price】

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anyone do the flooring in a 270 . how did you deal with the "humps" in the forward portion of the floor? thinking about removing the carpet and installing a 1/2" or even 3/4" plywood base and cut it around the humps the best i can to minimize them. the rest of the floor is flat. i'm 6' tall and still have about 4 to 5 inches of headroom left.【Get Price】

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easy to cut easy to fit use the extg floor boards as a pattern and most of all easy to replace if you buy a few extra. you can get polypropylene ones - the best as they don't rot and give good grip - for about £2 upwards for 500 by 500 in lots af places. and you have a big choice of colours. go for a light colour - makes the boat seem bigger.【Get Price】

cork decking for boats

the advantages of cork flooring on a boat are hard to overstate: durability traction sound-proofing unsulation. it’s cool and pleasant underfoot and also beautiful and unique just like your boat. seacork is equally suited to interior projects and has been used on many cabin soles and small trim areas on boats of all sizes.【Get Price】