boat high stability flooring ideas

an end to the classic pontoon flooring debate: carpet or

traction. now there was once a time when the only other option for boat flooring aside from carpeting was slick slippery vinyl that was the same as that pressed linoleum found on kitchen floors. fortunately this isn’t the case today. i’ll go into more details under the vinyl section.【Get Price】

10 decked-out jon boats you'll want for yourself

these decked-out jon boats might make a bass boat guy jealous. fishing season is upon us if you haven't already noticed ice is melting everywhere and the fish are going to start biting. hopefully you have a nice boat to get out on the water and get after it. however if you don't perhaps a minimal investment in a jon boat might be in order.【Get Price】

stability what is it and how does it work?

wide beam will produce high initial stability and low ultimate stability . it is great for liveaboard space and comfort at the dock but taken to extremes it will produce an uncomfort-able motion in a seaway. the combination of extremely wide beam and low freeboard in a【Get Price】

decking a jon boat gon forum

the boat i have now is a 1648 semi v so i can get away with about anything i want. i have 70"s gunnel to gunnel back at the transom i can stand on the side of it and not flip it. i love aluminum boats i had a chance 5 years ago to buy up to $10k-$15k worth of boat and pay cash for it but i settled for a 1648 w/25 hp for less than $5k.【Get Price】

12' jon boat mods and weight limit questions

jon boats aren't designed for rough water and so they don't handle waves very well especially from the side. i had a 2003 impala that i pulled my 14ft. semi-v with. with the added weight of the deck and carpeting i'd say trailering weight was somewhere around 800lb. with a tongue weight somewhere around 60-75lb.【Get Price】

stabilizing a 14ft jon boat???

need help i own a 14ft aluminum boat that has a narrow profile. read some ideas on putting pvc pipe on both sides to stabilize the boat. i am thinking of using 6 inch x 10 ft capped but i'm not sure whether to mount them at or near the bottom of the boat or another idea would be to mount at the water line with the boat empty so no matter how many people got in the pipe would be in the water.【Get Price】

adding foam to the boat

this is how i will be adding foam to my boat. i went and picked up a hot knife and it worked really well. i am using 2" insulation foam because the framing in my boat is about 2" tall. im just【Get Price】

cheap flooring ideas

bottle caps leather belts and pennies are just a few of the unusual materials that creative do-it-yourselfers have incorporated in these cheap flooring ideas. click through for 15 finished【Get Price】

jon boat stable?

if you plan to fish primarily small lakes and ponds such as pay-to-fish and electric-only the jon boat will do fine. a good 12 volt hand controlled electic motor with a deep cycle battery or a small gas motor will suffice.【Get Price】

boat design forums boat design net

boat design discuss boat design concepts projects plans reviews resources and general design topics. hydrodynamics and aerodynamics technical discussion on fluid dynamics: theory and analysis. stability discuss stability issues and calculations power and sail. latest: south korean ferry mv sewol flips 1/2 sunk in shallows people trapped ..【Get Price】

stability what is it and how does it work?

roll and length of time period of roll is alarmingly long. if a boat is very stable at the dock great as a liveaboard or in flat water it can have a very quick motion at sea. a case in point is a very successful 110 ft motoryacht that does har- bor charters seating 95 for dinner cruises.【Get Price】

wooden floor for a seahawk 4 fishing raft: 6 steps

i have an idea to use the rafts motor mount lugs to attach a skag to help with tracking. the final area and first project was installing a wooden floor for better stability. even though the floor mod is a popular one for this raft i had a hard time finding any good construction info or details.【Get Price】