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you can go all the way with the best materials and it may last a very long time but if you only need it to last 5 years or so you can get by at a very low cost. it's very easy to put a new floor in most aluminum boats so the down side of a low cost job not holding up long enough and needing to be done again isn't as critical as on a fiber【Get Price】

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i am replacing the rotten floor in a 1977 19' hydra-sports bass boat. a lot of work i know but it was my dad's boat so i really want to keep it and use it. i've read post after post on the subject of floor replacement and it seems to me that plastic would be a much cheaper and easier solution than fiberglassed wood.【Get Price】

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re: floor replacement material hey jasonj i'm going to be rebuilding the floor of my little 14.5 caddo trihull. i blew up the original 79 55hp chrylser long story first boat and got a replacement through a local outboard shop. the new motor is a 70 85hp chrysler found out that's about an 80lb difference.【Get Price】

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the most common material used for boat flooring is bc plywood and it is also used for fiberglass boats in particular. start removing the old damaged material using an electric saw to cut it; if the stringers and bulkheads are rotten get them replaced with fiberglass ones.【Get Price】

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replacing floor and deck.. what should i use? discussion in 'boat design' started by fishalot jul 30 2012. joined: jul 2012 i need to keep the cost and weight of the material as low as possible. what do you think???thanks again for your time. replacing boat floor. carhartt123 mar 10 2010 in forum: boat design.【Get Price】

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peeled off all the old carpeting on my boat and realized most of the wood in the back half of my boat is pretty rotted. my question is is there a specific type of wood that i am supposed to use to make the floor of the boat. it looks like it was really thick plywood but that wouldnt seem right. any advice would help.【Get Price】

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if you have the means and resources to remove a piece of the boat floor and replace it then that is the best thing you can do for the boat. replacing a piece of rotting floor is the best course of action because there is no telling how bad the rotting is as it could have spread to other places not immediately visible; however if you have no choice but to patch the rotten section it is better to do so from under the floor if possible .【Get Price】

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epoxy will last longer and yes poly resin will eventually let some water through but lots of old aluminum boats did nothing but paint the wood and in lots of cases it still lasted 30 years. any fiberglass boat pre about 1980 and any resined floor/transom/etc. prior to the same date would originally have been done with poly.【Get Price】