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thereafter started business as a teak trader. nature wood pte ltd was created as a teak trading company from singapore in 2001. today it has a factory in yangon producing burmese teak sawn timber to flooring and decking products exporting to all over the world from yangon port.【Get Price】

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teak boat flooring is stylish and looks striking in any design scheme and gives a new look to your home and yachts and boats with high quality teak deck flooring from chancelier wood flooring. myanmar teak wood decking manufactured by chancelier floooring an experienced and leading myanmar teak decking supplier in china. share you things.【Get Price】

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ggi myanmar is a teak wood manufacturer and supplier in yangon myanmar ggi myanmar is a yangon based supplier and manufacturer of teak black walnut pyinkado and other products for residential and commercial projects around the world.【Get Price】

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burmese teak heartwood is a uniform golden brown without markings. grain is usually straight to slightly wavy. texture is coarse uneven and oily to the touch sometimes with a white glistening deposit.【Get Price】

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heightened by vertical grain the strength of teak makes it ideal for flooring and other abused surfaces. even when fully submerged in water this species is highly durable and water resistant due to the silica content that comes from the sandy soil of myanmar where teak trees grow.【Get Price】


teak is one of the most common tropical trees that has managed to become a mainstay of the wood processing industry. its water-resistant yellowish heartwood that darkens with age is very well suited in outdoor construction furniture and boat decks as well as many indoor applications in flooring paneling countertops furniture and structural columns.【Get Price】

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myanmar’s teak export ban could knock the floor out from under the yacht industry—literally. and teak trees happen to be the toughest—so tough in fact that they’ve long been coveted by makers of luxury boats the titanic’s decks were teak and of upscale outdoor furniture. it’s scarce though. natural teak forests grow only in four countries on the planet pdf —myanmar india laos and thailand.【Get Price】

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the magazine stated that; “a ban on virgin teak wood due to come into force on april 1 2014 in myanmar formerly burma means that the luxury yacht industry may have to find alternatives to teak decking.” superyachtnews.com has been informed that contrary to this information it will only be logs that will be banned from export.【Get Price】

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florida teak works closely with sawmills in myanmar to choose old-growth logs that yield exceptional quality covering boards coaming boards. this is a time-consuming process. logs must be chosen to make extra-wide and long boards then are air-dried for months.【Get Price】

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teak boat flooring supplier. teak deck flooring for yachts and boats. walking on luxurious yacht people would be stunned by the golden and radiant deck flooring and . curious about which wood species it is of this beautiful wood decking on the yacht because this wood . deck flooring for boats has to endure the strong sunshine in hot summers【Get Price】

teak boat flooring teak deck flooring for yachts and boats

teak boat flooring supplier. teak originates from the primeval forest in southeast asia and teak wood from myanmar burma teak or burmese teak is of best quality. it takes at least 50years for teak wood to grow from saplings to be towering trees. due to its slow growth teak wood has higher density and toughness than most of species【Get Price】

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our teak lumber is always of the highest grade and each order is hand-selected and twice-inspected before shipping. we provide teak lumber in vertical grain mixed grain or flat grain; and our teak lumber can be provided rough surfaced edged or precision-milled to your exact specifications.【Get Price】

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chancelier wood flooring is a famous burma teak parquet flooring manufacturer in guangzhou china supplying solid burmese teak flooringunfinished teak flooring or prefinished teak flooring with high quality and competitive price.【Get Price】

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burmese teak. standing trees are girdled and left to dry for three years before felling. small movement. uses extensively used in ship and boat building for decking rails hatches etc. furniture and cabinetmaking flooring garden furniture chemical vats fume ducts laboratory benches plywood and decorative veneers.【Get Price】