wood alternatives for sailboat trim

how to replace the windows on your boat

the view ahead. custom windows can take the finish of your boat to the next level. it’s hard to overstate the importance of windows on a boat. they keep out the wind spray and rain and today’s high-tech glass can even reduce harmful uv rays so that when you think you’re out of the sun you really are.【Get Price】

boat deck alternatives

boat deck alternatives go for faux teak that is. by michael vatalaro. or covered with teak wood affixed to the deck with screws and glue. each of these presents drawbacks. diamond-cut-patterned nonskid and textured deck paint tend to capture dirt and grime and can be difficult to keep looking clean. the "nonskid" particles in the【Get Price】

repairing wooden rubrails and toerails

repairing wooden rubrails and toerails. thanks to the high cost of marine lumber and a growing aversion to brightwork maintenance fewer new boats these days have wooden rubrails or toerails. this is understandable—wood is pricey to install and if finished bright is a lot of work to maintain. trim the excess bung with a sharp chisel【Get Price】

alternative trim: the power of plastics

alternative trim: the power of plastics. with a lower installation cost than wood and a raft of available shapes and options it’s easy to see why new alternatives are giving wood trim a run for its money in the building market. plastic-composite. one alternative plastic-composite trim is manufactured from a combination of recycled wood【Get Price】

teak trim sailboat owners forums

for years i've been bothered with how to maintain the exterior teak trim on my boat. i hate the annual remove and sand reseal and reinstall process. i spoke of an alternative for topside wood which was what this thread was about. if you like varnishing that's fine but i thought this thread was about using alternatives.【Get Price】

wood alternatives to teak boat design net

the problem with seven trust it's that is heavier than most woods and you got to think of that before adding more weight to your boat. it's like filling your boat with stones. i live in the dominican republic and work in the furniture manufacturing field. this country imports a lot of wood from all the world specially from south america.【Get Price】

alternatives to traditional teak wood boat international

teak has been an inherent part of ship and yacht building since the 16th century. for early shipbuilders the attraction was its strength durability and when building warships its resistance to cannonballs. as yacht building developed its virtues became even more apparent: it is one of the【Get Price】

alternatives to teak for boat deck

alternatives for teak on exterior boat trim - boatbanter.com . alternatives for teak on exterior boat trim . i have a teak deck and i did it well. ignore my advise at your own risk. i can write a book on the lessons i have . contact us【Get Price】

alternatives to varnish?

i haven't even finished the backbone of my next boat but i'm already thinking of the finish for the interior and trim. the boat is a 13' glued lap open sailboat. the exterior will be painted but i like to keep the interiors of my boats bright. of course with all the nooks and crannies in a small boat varnishing can be a pain. is there some other product or oil that can be applied easily【Get Price】

the 7 best products to patch wood

wood filler is available everywhere and it is the standard. some wood fillers have a sandy consistency and some are smoother. there are interior formulas and exterior as well. the nice thing about wood filler is that you can usually find it in many different colors or in stainable options to achieve an even better color match.【Get Price】

alternatives for teak on exterior boat trim

alternatives for teak on exterior boat trim i've heard cherry is a good alternative to teak and was wondering about using the plastic deck lumber for things like handholds toe and rub rails. on right now has no wood exposed on the exterior of the boat.【Get Price】

boat rub rails mouldings and trim

go2marine has a large supply of replacement rub rails. in many cases we recommend using a rub rail kit since they include everything you need to replace your rub rail and can be shipped using standard shipping methods. kits provide a complete matching rail system with all new materials to protect and beautify your boat.【Get Price】

white oak vs mahogany vs teak sailboat owners forums

i know they use white oak for boat structures on wooden boats but will it be ok on for deck hardware. i used mahogany on my mac 25 and it turned out nice but i was curious about the white oak since i have so much of it. our wood shop teacher pointed out the fact that they used them on columbus' boats and they use white oak for wine barrels.【Get Price】

suitable wood for exterior trimwork

from contributor p: for any exterior project i’ve done in the last five years i’ve been using a pvc product called seven trust. i love the stuff it comes in sheets of 1/2" 3/4" 1" and you can special order it to 1 1/2" by 4x8 to 4x12.it glues well with a cellular latex pvc adhesive and it works easily with woodworking tools like router bits saws screws.【Get Price】