composite boards on stringers on a boat

stringer replacement with composit materal

stringer replacement with composit materal - discussion in my question is can a composite decking be used in replacing the stringers in a boat. this decking i am referring to is what is available at local home improvement stores and used for decking on home decks. significantly reduces the chances of the wood rotting because there is【Get Price】

coosa board coosa composites boat decking material

this item: coosa composite board - bluewater 26 $110.31. note: my floor was so narrow in that boat that it had no stringers under the floor just the keel for support—i installed 1/2” coosa and i found it flexed under foot more than i liked so i would recommend 3/4” for flooring or be prepared to build a few supporting stringers【Get Price】

stringer repairs in fiberglass boats

you may be able to replace only the damaged portion restoring the strength of the stringer while leaving it in position in the boat. because the wood in wood cored stringers is structural any repairs you make to it have to be joined with a proper scarf. if you are replacing a section of plywood stringer use a minimum of an 8-to-1 scarf bevel.【Get Price】

wood-vs-fiberglass stringer system bloodydecks

on our 250 coastal it had wood stringers when we bought it we found out it had dry rought and had to be replaced $ 1600.00 for the work and re-glass the area. on my new boat same manufacurer the stringers are all fibergalss. of course my new one is an outboard setup. i too am quite scepticle sp of any wood in a boat.【Get Price】

replacing wood stringers with composite boat design net

i think you have to take into consideration the type of construction. wood moves with moisture content so doing something like putting composite frames/stringers in an old carvel or clinker hull might produce some issues when the frame/stringer ceases to move with the skin.【Get Price】

replace wood stringers with solid plastic deck molding

supra forums > supra boats > service and repair > replace wood stringers with solid plastic deck molding? pda. view so looks like i'm doing away with 90% of the wood on this boat and replacing it with composite lumber hope to have the cap off by the end of the week i'd think we'd see some boats made from the factory with starboard cored【Get Price】

composite stringer design

i would think it would be very easy to do in a manufacturing setting and i would think it would be less expensive than the labor of making wood stringers and glassing them down. it seems very hard to do as a one off project however. that was the state of stringers technology in 1964 when that boat was built.【Get Price】

all fiberglass boats have rotten stringers after 15 years

that being said a boat that was well cared for and has had a diligent owner can beat the statistics very easily. so no at 15 years old a boats stringers are not rotten by default. as far as alternatives to wood there are companies that make foam core stringers but they can absorb water swell freeze or deform.【Get Price】

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take the stringers out and grind the fiberglass down to the hull. fabricate new stringers from plywood or foam core. standard sheets of core material plywood or foam are usually cut from 4x8' panels. we can not cut the stringers full length in one piece. stringers are made of at least two layers with seams offset or staggered by at least 2'.【Get Price】

replacing a rotted transom with coosa board

replacing a rotted transom with coosa board - boat restoration decks and stringers. watch as we dive deep into the material properties and bring this late 80's boat up modern standards. shop【Get Price】

stringers??? composite fir spruce other ?? downeast

what are your opinions on "stringer material". i think most builders use fiberglass encapsulated wood stringers in hull layup but i was reviewing john's blitzen 36 flowers build on from a few years back and he mentioned the use of "composite stringers".【Get Price】

foam core or composite stringers? downeast boat forum

foam core or composite stringers? discussion in 'downeast boat general discussion' started by jj225 may 18 current boat is alum. so i didn't have that decision to make. last glass boat had no wood except maybe the transom but not sure. frankly i didn't think builders used much wood these days but that aint so. it's your stringer【Get Price】


re: stringers - composite deck boards i got then for two of my 3 stringers they dont make one big enough for my center stringer loin hunter you get the strengh from the glass i used epoxy on mine i got pics in my thread used a pipe wrench on it and couldnt break it apart【Get Price】

53: rotten stringers repaired with coosa board

complete rotten stringer repair at from hot glue sticks to a plywood template to no-sh and * coosa stringers buttered up and good as new with 160 layers of epoxy and【Get Price】