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probably slicing your boat is not something you really want to consider and for good reason. however in some cases you will need to cut an inspection hole when you see soft spots on the boat’s fiberglass. fiberglass delamination can be fixed by drilling small holes into the fiberglass surface of your boat. you can inject the materials you want such as resin or other fillers and a west system that dries and becomes solid rock protecting the fiberglass surface of your boat.【Get Price】

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stingers and floor. the most obvious signs that your boat is in need of a new floor is that when walking around you feel soft spots. when we repair a floor we pull up the carpet and then pull up the bad wood and fiberglass. at this point we will check the stingers and motor mounts by taking a core sample.【Get Price】

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re: soft floor - easy fix? or too much trouble. if you have soft spots it's probably fiberglass over plywood. the soft spots are dry rot and it will spread into stringers or any other wood it touches if it has not already. this should help you decide how far you want to go.【Get Price】

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i have a couple soft spots on the floor. the floor was redone at some point and they put a cheep green astroturf stuff to cover the plywood/fiberglass. i don't know if the whole floor was replaced or just the carpet. not what i want to do. but at the end of the lounge seats behind the passenger and driver seatwhere the floor meets the wall.【Get Price】

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soft spots in fiberglass floor. its in excellent condition but it has a couple of soft spots in the floor. i was installing a hatch to relocate a battery and the section i cut out is a sandwich of glass with a very soggy cork or balsa core. the floor is a heavy section of in timber boats layers of wood or one big grown slabbuilt to【Get Price】

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when the resin has dried you may wish to smooth off any rough edges with a soft sander. drill screw holes in the dried fiberglass mat. 5. lay exterior carpet or similar floor covering down to complete the refurbishment of your boat's floor. reinstall the seats consoles and other fixed items on your boat's deck.【Get Price】

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from a safety stand-point if you find a soft spot you should always fix it the floor in most boats helps to act as support for the hull and stringers. a soft floor may also be a sign that your stringers may be rotten as well. it is best to find the problem and fix it before it gets too bad.【Get Price】

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state: mcminnvill. most of the time by the time you floor gets soft the older boats were bad about this. the open cell foam they used was already saturated and the stringers were rotten. i have gotton a few good deals from boats that had soft floors. i always go in and redo the stringers and floor.【Get Price】

soft floor in fiberglass boat

a proper inspection of a boat is simply a matter of knowing where to look for the most serious structural issues on runabouts and center consoles are soft transom cores. mushiness and wobbly seats can indicate deteriorated plywood in the floor. gelcoat is a very thin coating over fiberglass to make it look glossy and【Get Price】

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how to repair soft spots in fiberglass on a boat. with a paint roller apply a thin coat of epoxy to the areas you sanded. apply the fiberglass patch to the epoxied areas immediately. wait 24 hours for the epoxy to set. with the palm sander and 000 grit sandpaper sand the fiberglass surface down until it is level with the surrounding hull surface and paint with the acrylic epoxy paint.【Get Price】

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ok so i have a soft spot about 4x4 in my floor. it is fiberglass. it's a 89 stratos bass boat if that helps any.【Get Price】

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it apears the soft spots are between the top fiberglass deck and the bottom side of the floor that meets the stringers. basically saying the material between the fiberglass top and the bottom side of the deck is worn away. some spots are worse than others.【Get Price】