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wondering if anyone who has vinyl would share their pros and cons for vinyl flooring. pontoon and deck boat forums > pontoon and deck boat > pontoon general > vinyl floor pros and cons. pda. view full version : vinyl floor pros and cons. wish2fish. 11-15-2012 01:09 pm. considering pulling the carpet and switching to vinyl. wondering if【Get Price】

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if you're looking to replace your boat flooring both vinyl and carpet can be stylish and look really great. but which one of them would best fit your needs on your boat or pontoon? we take a look at the pros and cons of vinyl and carpet boat flooring.【Get Price】

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the pros and cons of teak flooring. by henry parker. photo credit: lee hoffman. this is one reason teak is so often used in high-end patio furniture and as decking on boats. in your home teak is an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen floors. while an overflowing bathtub might ruin many wood floors teak will come through just fine.【Get Price】

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home furniture guides buying furniture the pros and cons of teak furniture. the pros and cons of teak furniture. buying furniture because it will match your russet colored wood floor. they are so popular that many people pay a lot of money for model boats that are made of teak that look like their real counterparts.【Get Price】

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some has a "pebble" finish. some looks like teak. it's not something to worry about. and last are you happy with it / pros and cons. as you see them pros would be durability especially if fishing off the boat. cons would be cost of retrofitting--the good stuff is very high cost. owners of boats with vinyl flooring seem to love the stuff.【Get Price】

teak boat flooring pros and cons

flooring in kitchen - pros and cons - express flooring. jun 8 2016 pros and cons of wpc flooring options for the kitchen: opting exotic woods such as teak or oak it can actually make your kitchen pricey.【Get Price】

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re: pros and cons of a pontoon boat??? their very few draw backs to a pontoon lots of room easy up keep low maintanace simple to repair or rebuild. about the only draw back is it takes a lot more horse power for speed and can be a bit harder to anchor.【Get Price】

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the pros and cons of popular pontoon boat decking materials and coverings. share. tweet. pin 5. along with the pros and cons. 1. marine-grade plywood. i’ve got all the most popular choices of pontoon flooring lined up for you here. 1. indoor/outdoor carpet.【Get Price】

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re: marine vinyl flooring vs. carpet nautolex and marideck are 2 well known types of marine vinyl flooring. the vinyl gets hot baking in the sun we just throw a bucket of water on it and it cools off. it has good traction even when wet but the grain pattern is uncomfortable on the knees and elbows.【Get Price】

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teak flooring: pros and cons doityourself.com . to gain the stability of a pontoon deck boat manufacturers employ fiberglass the disadvantages of a teak shower floor hunker . sep 16 2017 boat flooring: pros and cons of marine flooring. home boat flooring: real teak is the most expensive option for boat decks.【Get Price】

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what is teak flooring pros and cons ? 1. teak wood flooring is full of natural oil inside the wood structure.. this natural oil substance in side teak wood is very essential for its excellent wood properties: waterproof worm-proof and termite-proof moth-proof.【Get Price】

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when it comes to purchasing a new watercraft or refurbishing pontoons and boats you’ll want to weigh all your options when it comes to boat floor coverings. here are the pros and cons of the two top pontoon flooring choices carpet vs. vinyl flooring for boats.【Get Price】

boat flooring: pros and cons of marine flooring.

boat flooring: considerations regarding marine flooring options including marine synthetic teak marine foam flooring teak decking marine vinyl flooring and boat carpet. how often do you want to refinish your marine flooring? do you want a temporary cheap flooring option or a quality low maintenance marine flooring material【Get Price】