use pressure treated wood for a pontoon boat deck

ply wood for deck

re: ply wood for deck. a good exterior grade plywood will work as well as marine plywood. the only difference is marine has no voids in the plys like cdx and it is "a" finished on both sides. if you buy "underlayment" rated plywood the knot holes are plugged on the interior plys and if you get 7 ply it is as strong as marine.【Get Price】

what type of wood to use for trailer bunks? page: 1

i went to the local marine repair and bought bunk material in a roll. simple and quick. as far as the wood goes it was pressure treated. my bunks are a standard seven trust length so no saw was used in this project . folded over the ends and secured with a staple gun. self tapping lag bolts and done.【Get Price】

using treated lumber for decks

using treated lumber for decks. once you have completed your project give it a couple of good sunny days and then sprinkle a little water on the wood. if it absorbs the water within 15 seconds or so then the wood is ready to be protected. if the water sits on the surface of the wood then the moisture content is still too high and staining or painting will not be effective.【Get Price】

comparing wood deck options: cedar pressure treated wood

cedar wood deck pros and cons. if the natural look of wood is tops on your list use cedar for wood decking. the heartwood of the tree the deeper colored red part not the white sap part is rot resistant.【Get Price】

use pressure treated wood for a pontoon boat deck

of all the boats in the world pontoon boats like the ones made by of most other pontoon boats a bennington's deck is made of 7-ply pressure-treated wood. my design of a seasteading macro module to house micro【Get Price】

best type of wood for trailer bunks river daves place

one note for any pontoon owners who may be reading this thread. do not use pressure treated wood for pontoon or any other aluminum boats. the minerals used in pressure treating such as copper chromate compounds will leach through the carpet react with the aluminum and cause electrolysis in the toon/hull.【Get Price】

plywood for boat flooring??? michigan sportsman

do not use marine grade treated wood or treated plywood it will eat the aluminum over time like rust does to metal. do a search there were 2 threads on this topic this year and i personally found out the hard way. get your basic plywood and whatever you want as far as sealer.【Get Price】

marine plywood for pontoon?

bcx will have one "b" face that will be far superior to a c face you may even find bcx with the b face sanded. that's what i'd use because my boat is always stored under shelter. however if i had a beater boat that i stored in the yard under a tarp no question about it i'd use green pressure treated plywood for rot resistance.【Get Price】

cca-treated plywood for pontoon boats advantages cca

cca-treated plywood offers many specific advantages for restoring pontoon boats and for marine use in general. other types of specially treated woods use compounds that destroy marine carpeting rubber and other metal hardware used on pontoon boats but cca-treated plywood uses more effective preservatives that do not react to these materials in adverse ways.【Get Price】

why not pressure treated plywood? page: 1

re: why not pressure treated plywood? pressure treated plywood in boat building is very misunderstood by 95% of the people doing work on their boat. the truth: you can use pressure treated plywood on your aluminum boat but it has to be kiln dried cca pressure treated plywood like this:【Get Price】

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cca is what old pressure treated plywood used to be. it has arsenic in it so it is no longer sold to the housing consumer but is still available for marine use. the new pressure treated plywood now is copper based and will react badly with your aluminum.【Get Price】

pontoon boat lift questions and pressure treated wood use on

pontoon boat lift questions and pressure treated wood use on lift? discussion in ' is it ok to lift a boat with two 25" pontoons on 2"x8" flat lumber that runs underneath the length of the pontoons and is properly supported? i am in the process of ordering the material for my conversion from a hull boat lift to a tri pontoon lift.【Get Price】

treated wood for a trailer bunk for pontoon boat

i believe your question begins with a false premise that using treated wood has some advantage and one possible negative on a boat trailer. it is true that that wood treatments will interact badly with some metals. but also consider there is not much wood on a boat trailer. any untreated wood on your boat trailer is going to have several years of useful life. there are also rubber parts with a similar life span not to mention oxidization to the metal.【Get Price】

ply wood for deck

it is pretty expensive too compared to what you find at hd but the op did say he was only looking for a few years out of the deck. if he sells the boat to someone who will plan on using it for another 20 years it may make a difference. if the boat ends up at a scrap yard there is no difference at all.【Get Price】

pressure treated wood in boats-

re: pressure treated wood in boats-. the guy using the pressure treated wood in his boat is saving a couple of bucks now but i believe his efforts are largely wasted as the repair wont last nearly as long. then again people have budget constraints and want to get out on the water and so do their best within their resources.【Get Price】

treated plywood deck and alum boats-don't do it

re: treated plywood deck and alum boats-don't do it peter im far from a scientist but im in the remodeling buisness and this has been a problem in the past with aluminum and treated lumber. generally speaking if you are going to use treated around aluminum must put down a barrier over the aluminum so the aluminum will not get eaten by the【Get Price】