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you know like on a bass boat where you can mount "butt" seats or regular seats on a pole that slides into a hole on the deck reinforced by a mount. the cool thing is you can build all kinds of custom stuff that attaches to the pole and this way you can change the layout depending on what i'm doing that day.【Get Price】

boat deck repair: how to replace the deck

boat deck repair: how to replace the deck step 1: remove boat deck boards. using a pry bar remove the nails and screws step 2: inspect the boat deck joists. inspect the joists that the deck boards rest on to see step 3: replace boat deck boards. with the deck boards removed and the joists【Get Price】

fundamentals of restoration projects: this old boat

here's a typical example. a run down 30 foot "classic" frp boat is purchased for $25000. the cost to rebuild engines and hire tradesmen to make necessary repairs and restorations is another $25000.【Get Price】

how to replace a fiberglass rotten boat deck bdoutdoors

focus on the job and get a friend or two to help and you can replace the rotten boat deck on a small boat or patch a larger one up in a single weekend. naturally if you’re replacing the entire deck on a larger boat you’ll need to allow for more time. but in the long run this task isn’t nearly as tough as many people think.【Get Price】

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how to clean you dirty life. depopulation is the best. this is the begining of a 16foot fiberglass run-about speed boat. this boat was originally built in 1977 by the steury company. most of this【Get Price】

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step 5: apply liquid rubber base. 5. apply 1 coat of lrb 80 sq ft per gal over top of the rubber granules. this coat will encapsulate the rubber granules and bind them together. once the lrb has cured enough to walk on proceed to the next step.【Get Price】


rebuild - boat repair forums. boat manuals boat building repair: rebuild replies: thread title: forum title: 192: 1968 starcraft sprint v rebuild: 45: deck deck repair floor floor access flooring gear box hin hull interior keel locker pulpit radar arch ski locker tower transom【Get Price】

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decks have a hard life. they are exposed to the sun; soaked with standing water; worn by scuffing feet; carry the weight of passengers and equipment; transmit structural forces to keep the boat from deforming. the upper fiberglass skin already removed; the deck's lower fiberglass skin.【Get Price】

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post a photo of the boat in profile especially the bottom will help. wood is used because it's the cheapest structural material going. it's easy to machine mill and shape holds fasteners well and also is easy to bond into place. you can use other materials but the costs do go up quickly .【Get Price】

rebuilding a pontoon boat restoring a pontoon boat

how to check out a used pontoon boats condition: when sitting in a pedestal seat check to verify that it swivels with little difficulty. turn the wheel make sure the motor is clear of other objects first to determine its condition. if the wheel takes a lot of effort to turn the steering may need to be replaced.【Get Price】