how to remove stains from boat deck

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help!! mildew on canvas. - march 2010 - forums - cnet

help!! mildew on canvas. but does anyone know what will kill the mildew and remove the stains from the canvas will the same bleach solution ruin the canvas tsp can stain metal and bare 【Get Price】

keep your non-skid decks clean west marine

step two: for stubborn hard-to-remove dirt use a non-skid deck cleaner such as pure oceans non-skid deck cleaner with ptef. testing has shown that in addition to removing stubborn surface dirt west marine non-skid cleaner with ptef also removes most stains.【Get Price】

remove black stains from deck and hull page: 1 - iboats

i've got a white non-skid deck with a pebbled surface. it has picked up black stains that cannot be removed with boat wash and scrubbing. some of the stains were from shoe soles until my wife outlawed shoes with black soles on the boat but i'm not sure what the rest of the stains are.【Get Price】

maintaining your boat's gelcoat finish west marine

products tailored to remove organic and mineral stains on deck and rust around hardware include fsr by davis west marine fiberglass stain remover and rust stain remover (model 126823) by star brite. fsr and fiberglass stain remover are non-runny gel formulations making them excellent for horizontal and vertical surfaces. rubbing a boat 【Get Price】

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getting rid of stubborn stains - boatus magazine

a pro helps you prepare your boat for the season ahead with tips to remove pesky stains. get a quote become a member renew membership. getting rid of stubborn stains. wet down the canvas and run your deck brush over it to lift and remove loose dirt and bird droppings. rinse well.【Get Price】