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what to seal my new transom wood with (other than epoxy

re: what to seal my new transom wood with (other than epoxy) how long do want it to last if your not looking for a 20 year job (most people don't keep the boat that long) and you just want 5 or so years just paint the plywood with floor or porch paint.【Get Price】

how to seal plywood flooring boat design net

both the above posts are accurate advice. you might wince at the cost of coating with epoxy since the coating will possibly exceed the cost of the plywood itself but it is the only way to protect it. i took par's and gonzos (and others) sealing advice almost a decade ago when i did an extensive restoration on a small cruiser.【Get Price】

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the rubber seal. 2 check for cracks and deformation of the rubber seal on the side door. ? the integrity of the rubber seals may decrease after about 1 year with use and age. to avoid permanently damaging the camera the seals should be replaced once each year. please contact panasonic for related costs and other information.【Get Price】

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waterproofing plywood. sealing plywood for longer life

home / waterproofing plywood. sealing plywood for longer life. this is the technique used by many sailors with wooden boats – who can achieve varnish finishes which last up to 20 years. the rot doctor in america recently completed some endurance testing of plywood with and without cpes treatment.【Get Price】

seal or don't seal marine grade plywood decking page: 1

re: seal or don't seal marine grade plywood decking i could move this to resto for some better responses if you'd like. my instinct would be to seal it but i just don't know how correct the idea of "sealing it traps in moisture" line of thinking it.【Get Price】