removing teak decks

how to remove a old teak deck

removal of the old teak deck if your teak deck has any fasteners in it they will need to be take out first or atleast try and get most of them out as some will be filled with epoxy and difficult. after all the screws have been removed from the teak decking set a circular saw to the depth of the deck so that it will not touch the subdeck underneath.【Get Price】

removing the teak deck part 1

in this video you will see how we made the decision to remove the teak from the deck of our classic 51' formosa sailboat. we had leaks and the teak was worn very thin so rather than attempt to【Get Price】

removing teak decks- experiences?

first a fiberglass layup then a wood core then a close out sheet of glass under the deck. the core appears to be an all teak plywood. the teak should never rot but the glue washes out. i'm thinking it can be re-glued with west epoxy where necessary. i'm looking for what someone found when removing teak decks from a molded fiberglass deck.【Get Price】

replacing teak decks is a monumental job cruising world

replacing teak decks is a monumental job. after four days every last bit of teak was in the scrap bin. we then went after the remnants of the caulk a tough slurry concocted in taiwan but it couldn’t hold out against four determined air sanders. six days after we started quetzal ’s deck was clean.【Get Price】

how to remove the oil stains from seven trust decking hunker

step 2. fill a bucket with warm water and dish soap. use a scrub brush or scrub pad to remove the oil from the area. a scrub brush works well to get into the embossed grain areas of the composite decking.【Get Price】

how to remove and replace wood decking today's homeowner

how to remove and replace wood decking. align the first deck board perpendicular to the floor joists and overhanging the outside edge of the deck. screw the board in place using 3” long rust resistant deck screws. pressure treated deck boards which have been kiln dried after treatment kdat will expand slightly in width after installation【Get Price】

removing teak decks and replacing w/ fiberglass

re: removing teak decks and replacing w/ fiberglass if the present teak decks are screwed down over a layer of 'thiokol' aka: black death and the deck core is rotted balsa etc. . on a triton you've got about 3000-3500 screws and 3000-3500 bungs to remove a massive amount of core to remove / air-impact power-chisel out even before the 'repair' begins.【Get Price】

teak cleaning and refinishing faq

teak has traditionally been treated using organic oils although an replacement for teak oil is available that overcomes many of the problems with organics. the organic oils replenish the oil removed from the wood by the environment and the cleaning process restoring a nice satiny finish to the wood.【Get Price】

the meridian chronicles -- removing teak decks

the first major project on our passport 40 was removing the failing teak decks before they became a structural problem. here port townsend shipwright rob parrish shows you how a pro goes about the【Get Price】

removing a teak deck and prices

re: removing a teak deck and prices. hired a fiberglas guy and helped him lay a heavy bias layer and a mat on top to sand. took 34 hours to lay the deck hours and the total bill for materials and time with tax was $2800. i am using upol bondo type recommended by a good builder from bellingham will probably use 3 gallons $50 each【Get Price】

remove the teak decks? conflicted

the teak is >3/8" thick which is considered "serviceable". if you have any rot on the sub deck it maybe worth removing all the teak repairing the sub deck replacing all the decks with fiberglass and non skid. the sub decks are plywood so if moisture has gotten to them they can rot horizontally and it can affect a large area.【Get Price】

2 remove teak deck

workers used paint stripper to remove much of our bottom paint and all deck hardware including 19 hatches were removed as the teak continued to be removed. more packing up of cushions mattresses etc and several trips to golf's workshop to store it all.【Get Price】

removing the teak decks from your grand banks or other

the first step after deciding you want to remove your decks is to remove all the bungs and screws from the deck. this may be the most time consuming job of the whole process. it is also hard on the knees and back after this part is done you can progress with the actual teak removal. the teak is most likely bedded with 3m5200 or comparable bedding.【Get Price】

teak deck removal

the teak decks were laid over fiberglass and secured with hundreds of fasteners. after removal two layers of heavy fiberglass cloth was laid down and some 8 coats of awlgrip were applied including two coats of non-skid. the work was supervised by a canadian master shipwright. removal alone cost $14600.【Get Price】