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there is no such thing as the perfect floor. i have kids and i love my old floor. if it was a brand new floor i would be worried about them wrecking it.【Get Price】

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jan 25 2013 flooring gives a rich look to your home interior however requires regular maintenance and advantages and disadvantages of solid flooring wooden flooring – a smart option for your dream home.【Get Price】

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jan 29 2016 flooring is desirable for its beauty and elegance but this is but really what benefits are there to installing floor into your home? .. you don't have to vacuum or clean wooden floors as often as carpet.【Get Price】

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oct 4 2013 floors are gorgeous but they have their drawbacks too. weigh the pros and cons and decide if they're right for your home.【Get Price】

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feb 9 2018 traditionally flooring came in thick planks of solid timber. concrete subfloors engineered flooring offers an installation advantage.【Get Price】

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when designing your custom home one of the most important things to consider is the type of flooring you want.【Get Price】

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apr 11 2014 at wood and beyond we're often asked about the benefits of engineered wood flooring and we love a challenge so we got the team together 【Get Price】

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jan 19 2017 suspended timber floors are normally made up of timber joists suspended from another advantage of a suspended floor is that in some 【Get Price】

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let's take a look at some of these benefits: 1. good quality wooden floors last for decades – whereas many people find themselves replacing carpet every 5 【Get Price】

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apr 29 2016 most homeowners dream of having wooden flooring in their homes. the warmth at your feet the natural sheen of wood and the vibrant colors of 【Get Price】

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solid wood and parquet flooring – advantages and disadvantages. solid wood and five reasons to choose an oak parquet floor instead of timber flooring.【Get Price】

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nov 1 2010 original floors are among the benefits of older traditional homes. newer homes that have a lower price point but that still want the 【Get Price】

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the 9 main benefits of solid flooring along with tradition below are 9 reasons solid flooring is a great choice for your project: what you said regarding sound and how timber floors can give your home a great sound.【Get Price】

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oct 14 2015 check out these wood flooring benefits for your next basketball court whether it's since the wooden floor is equal to concrete in the amount of 【Get Price】

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jan 5 2015 the classic solid floor is oak but in the stores you will also see a range of wooden floor types from maple to fir walnut birch cherry 【Get Price】

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hardwood flooring has many advantages over types of flooring. uniform surface seal guards against moisture which is the primary enemy of wooden floors.【Get Price】

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feb 4 2013 however like any other type of flooring floors have both advantages and disadvantages. we're going to analyze both sections and 【Get Price】

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sep 16 2016 a high quality timber floor offers several advantages to the home: it's not only tougher and more durable than most other flooring products but 【Get Price】

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wooden flooring can be differentiated into flooring and laminate wooden flooring. however below are the detailed advantage and disadvantage of 【Get Price】

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may 11 2015 floors are one of the most natural floor finishes that exist. the best part of timber flooring is that many homes already have them 【Get Price】