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jan 5 2017 composite volcano” is an awkward term; it implies that a volcano is high water content to maintain the alternating explosive/effusive eruption 【Get Price】

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a body of rock that contains significant quantities of water that can be tapped by composite volcanosearch for term detailed definition of composite volcano .. the surrounding cone and may remain standing as a solitary pinnacle when 【Get Price】

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mar 27 2013 they are produced by explosive 'composite volcanoes' which are made the melted water mixed with the volcanic ash mud and rock armero: only a few houses were left standing after hot lahars swept through the town.【Get Price】

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jul 19 1998 mayon volcano a beautifully symmetrical but dangerous composite volcano in large part by the explosivity of eruptions and volume of water that interacts such a structure can stand higher than cones composed only of 【Get Price】

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shield (flat) composite (tall and thin) cinder cones (circular or oval cones) and the world's largest active volcano is mauna loa in hawaii standing at 4169m!【Get Price】

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a stratovolcano also known as a composite volcano is a conical volcano built up by many the magma forming stratovolcanoes rises when water trapped both in hydrated minerals and in the porous basalt rock although death toll is estimated between 13000 to 26000 remains the exact number still remains unknown.【Get Price】

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on jan 1 2014 dávid karátson published the chapter: composite volcano in the notethe previous but still existent name “stratovolcano” implied alternating . the geochemistry and water content of volcanic rocks and their phenocryts ?【Get Price】

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feb 1 2016 basaltic lava fountains and fissure eruptions however still form explosive fountains hundreds of meters tall. . composite volcano .. an eruption that involves both magma and water which typically interact explosively 【Get Price】

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aug 26 2017 stratovolcanoes (also called composite volcanoes) the vent is filled with loose material and if the crater still is deeper than the water table 【Get Price】

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may 19 2017 stratovolcano (or composite volcano) — a conical volcano if the magma contains volatile elements (water and/or gases) when it if you want more or still have questions feel free to message me and send your feedback!【Get Price】

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dec 16 2014 a caldera is a depression created after a volcano partially collapses after releasing the majority of its the magma chamber's roof then collapsed and filled with water from rain and snow creating the lake. unlike mount mazama the deception volcano is still active. . also known as a composite volcano.【Get Price】

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apr 25 2017 stratovolcanoes also known as composite cones are the most of gases unlike a hawaiian volcano in which lavas seem to flow like thick water. additionally once the eruption is over the andesitic lava may still be visible 【Get Price】

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kids learn about the science of volcanoes including how they form mountains lava and magma; types such as cinder cone composite and shield; watch a video about volcanoes. a dormant volcano is one that hasn't erupted for a long time but has the potential to still erupt. an extinct volcano is one the water cycle【Get Price】

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feb 6 2018 a volcano is an opening in earth's crust where magma breaks through long been dormant volcanoes are still very active on jupiter's moon io. stratovolcanoes are also called composite volcanoes because they are built of meters) deep and most are commonly filled with water to form natural lakes.【Get Price】

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morphology of composite volcanoes. iii. composite volcano relatively large long-lived construc- groundwater reservoirs or in standing bodies of water.【Get Price】