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the previous floor was one inch balsa core. it had gone bad around the hatch hinges there are four hatches lots of fittings so i cut the whole floor out. the main floor supports are about 49-50” from each side of the hull. to replace the floor i have considered coosa board 3/4” marine ply and 5/4 cedar decking.【Get Price】

removing rotted plywood from under fiberglass floor?? page

re: removing rotted plywood from under fiberglass floor?? after doing a deck job i would not do carpet unless i could not get it to look good enough after glassing. i wanted to get rid of carpet when i re-did my boat so i had the 'glass shop do the floor in nonskid gelcoat and i just kept the carpet on the gunnels.【Get Price】

stringer repairs in fiberglass boats

tabbing may be a simple piece of glass tape across the stringer/hull joint or an integral structural part of the stringer. restoring the strength of the stringer while leaving it in position in the boat. because the wood in wood cored stringers is structural any repairs you make to it have to be joined with a proper scarf. active core【Get Price】

rookie repair. fiberglass floor repair boat design net

as you can see the floor was already repaired with some kind of sealer which must have been done a long time ago because my family has owned this boat for 15 years now. we used it for 7 years got it wet maybe 50-60x and it was a great all purpose boat. sadly our family has had no vehicle to tow it over the last 8 years.【Get Price】

how to fabricate boat hull/remove rotted wood

how to fabricate boat hull/remove rotted wood cast in fiberglass. 2/14 like oil and dirt from the fiberglass surface to promote excellent adhesions for any new fiberglass resin and core mat【Get Price】

fiberglass hulls cored with balsa wood

re: fiberglass hulls cored with balsa wood i’ve done some repair on balsa core boats as stated above shaft logs rudder post motor mounts and thru hulls are the major culprits. keeping that in mind i disassembled and redid all the hull penetrations right after i bought my sc50 and i check everything over at every haul out.【Get Price】