thailand caulking a boat deck

traditional maritime skills caulking calking

caulking calking introduction. making the seams between the shell or deck planks of a ship watertight. caulking is a technique whereby the gaps between the shell strakes or deck planks are sealed using fibres cord and pitch.【Get Price】

teak deck in thailand

with another 15000 miles and three or four years to go before we completed our circumnavigation it was obvious that the deck would have to be replaced before we sell the boat. thailand is renowned for quality teak decks so we decided to bite the bullet and get the deck replaced in phuket.【Get Price】

using caulk on decks?

he insists it's ok to use caulk to fill gaps we're using solid stain on the deck and it does cover caulk. . he also wants to caulk the small gaps where the posts go down through the deck boards. i say using caulk is the sign of poor workmanship and frankly i've never seen caulk on a deck. he says pros do it all the time. help【Get Price】

traditional maritime skills caulking decks and hulls

caulking decks and hulls introduction. caulking is defined by driving oakum cotton or general rope fibres in the seams of a ship's wooden deck or side / hull to make it watertight. it also plays a structural role in tightening up the hull / deck of a ship and reduces the longitudinal movement of neighbouring planks.【Get Price】

video: caulking a wooden boat part 1 tools and basics

email this page to a friendpreview: caulking a wooden boat part 1 tools and basics. may 3 2013. geno scalzo is a master caulker out of owls head maine. he has over 30 years experience caulking wooden boats and he's taken the time to help us demystify the process and purpose of caulking properly.【Get Price】

re sealing the deck to hull boat design net

the issue is the caulking between the boat and the teak cap rail not the watertight or structural integrity of the hull-deck joint. if that's the case you would still need some kind of bedding compound or sealant between the newly fiberglassed areas and the teak rail.【Get Price】

recaulking basics

two-part polysulfide caulk lasts longer in deck seams than its one-part cousin because it has more polymer in its formula. good results can be obtained with one-part polysulfide materials which are less expensive and widely available. one-part polysulfide caulk is acceptable for a boat that is always kept in a boathouse or under a mooring canvas.【Get Price】

removing deck seam caulk

but since no one has answered i will give you my best answer. caulking is the stuff you put in little cracks and seams. it comes in many forms. some adhesive some dries as tight as wood metal or plastic. regarding wood boats there are many different types out there. as to deck seams. it all depends on what you are trying to achieve.【Get Price】

planking building a boat

the first plank in the cuddy deck area being steam-bent in place. the difference in thickness between the sheer plank and the rest of the planking is evident here. in the forward end of the boat the deck steps up about 8 inches in order to provide more headroom in the forward cuddy cabin.【Get Price】

caulking wooden boats to achieve a dry bilge

the alternative to replacing all of the planking is to repair it and re caulk instead a procedure that is outlined below caulking wooden boat: caulking wooden boat:- how to repair a leaky wooden hull check the condition of the fasteners in the hull. if they are starting to decay then now is the time to replace them.【Get Price】

caulking for wooden deck

re: caulking for wooden deck 08/14/2009 3:21 am in olden days we sailors used to fill the gaps in the wooden deck planks of navy ships with oakum leaving just about 1/3 of an inch that was finished with tar bitumin .【Get Price】

teak deck re-caulking

this video is about re-caulking sanding and refinishing teak decks call: 786-853-1542 miami * fort lauderdale email: cm【Get Price】

caulking a boat deck with 3m 5200 deck seams caulking

in this video i am caulking the deck lines on the gentleman's racer that i'm building. the deck is made up of 3mm ply with 5mm sapele planking. this video will fit in-between the one i am【Get Price】

marine caulking products guide

marine caulking products guide will help you understand the difference and properties of the caulking options available and where to use the. leaks can be just annoying or cause structural damage and even lead to sinking. despite this leaks are very common and can be found on new boats and old boats alike. this page … continue reading "marine caulking products guide"【Get Price】

mahogany deck caulking

im stripping and re-caulking a 1950 mahogany deck and have a couple questions regarding this project: 1 original caulking is white but all i find in the shops here is black sikaflex for the purpose white sikaflex 291 is meant for other applications ie. around windows hardware etc can i use this for deck seams too? 2 just to confirm that deck caulking is before varnish goes on【Get Price】