how to replace boat floor decking

replacing the plywood decking on my boat

re: replacing the plywood decking on my boat plywood for boat constuction is a touchy subject. a good process for glassing it is to soft pad with 80 grit coat wood with resin and allow to cure then scuff sand and do glass.【Get Price】

new boat for me 1979 bass tracker. need to replace deck

about the aluminum rivets: you don't have to use them but they're much less expensive than stainless steel screws and are easy to remove and replace if in the future you need to get below your deck to do a leak/damage repair. just drill out with the same size drill as the hole they're in. here's a link to a reasonably priced online source:【Get Price】

deck replacement

deck replacement decks. original deck looks good to the eye but transmit structural forces to keep the boat from deforming. the upper fiberglass skin already removed; stripping rotten untreated plywood from the deck's lower fiberglass skin. most boat decks are made of untreated plywood between two fiberglass skins. this is very strong and【Get Price】

cost for floor deck repair/replacement page: 1

cost for floor deck repair/replacement. re: cost for floor deck repair/replacement if you have the money and need something to do to keep you out of the go-go bars and off the streets and water go for it but you'll never get your money back on resale. i consider overkill a job well done【Get Price】

repairing a runabout floor or pontoon deck

or in the case of a pontoon deck—install the new floor by screwing the plywood down to the stringers. coat the fastener holes with epoxy before inserting the screws. this will prevent moisture from getting into the plywood endgrain at the fastener holes.【Get Price】